All of the treatment received at Hartman Spine & Joint is well supported in research and is the most cutting edge therapies offered for musculosketel care in the country.

  • Soft Tissue/Myofascial Therapy :  Intramuscular trigger points or adhesions sometimes develop within muscles. The reason behind this could be too little or too much motion of the tissue, trauma, or injury. Soft tissue therapy involves hands-on or tool assisted treatment while you move through specific movements, with the goal of breaking up these adhesions.

  • Dry needling : The research on acupuncture dry-needling is growing rapidly and is used at Hartman Spine & Joint primarily as a way of releasing muscle tension and reducing pain. Needles, roughly the diameter of a hair, are placed in trigger points, strained ligaments, joint capsules and a host of other tissues to help alleviate pain.

  • Functional rehabilitation :  An extension of traditional physical therapy, functional rehabilitation involves greater emphasis on exercise strategies to retain body function necessary for daily life. Covering the three planes of movement stressed in kinesiology, functional rehabilitation is effective in restoring and improving strength, endurance, balance, agility, stability, power, coordination, speed, flexibility and body control. You can be assured that the most effective exercises from the industry’s biggest names will be prescribed in your treatment.

  • Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) :  Without a full range of motion and proper use of joints, your back, neck and extremity joints become stiff and less mobile, leading to pain, greater loss of movement and dysfunction. MDT, also known as McKenzie Therapy, is a standardized assessment tool, defining and classifying movement problems and recommending appropriate treatment. A key component of McKenzie Therapy is patient education in proper exercise and posture in order for you to treat your own pain, rather than relying on various therapists.

  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) :  Using principles developed by pediatric neurologists in the study of child development, DNS helps you develop conscious control of individual muscles and body awareness. It is a powerful tool that helps you control posture, improve respiration and balance, and increase functional ability of muscles all while decreasing pain.

  • Chiropractic manipulation (adjustments) :  Joint manipulation (adjusting) is used to release restricted joints of the spine and extremities. Joints often become restricted due to improper posture, trauma and/or poor muscle activity. Besides increased motion, adjusting also relieves pain and relaxes over-active muscles.

Cupping : An ancient Chinese method used, in this case, for altering and improving local blood flow to induce healing properties. Special suction cups are applied to areas of need. 

Kinesiotape : Specific tape is applied to the skin to improve a global movement pattern via its impact on surrounding tissues. It does not restrict movement, but helps prevent injuries, and can return athletes to the playing field sooner. 

Strength & Conditioning : Dr. Hartman's specialty! He incorporates functional loaded movements that correlate into everyday living with the goal of improving athletic performance or improving quality of life. 

Sports Medicine : Dr. Hartman incorporates many of the aforementioned services for athletes at sporting events such as road races, trail rides, running events.

**See the "Performance Recovery Center" page for more services offered **

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